Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation (McKinney, Texas)

The Business Challenge: Every corporation has its project of great pride and challenge. For CMC, it is the Blockbuster Built to Suit that was built in McKinney, Texas in 1998.

This challenge came pretty early into company history. In 1997, Blockbuster invited CMC to bid and to develop an over 900,000 sf office-warehouse-distribution facility to consolidate their operation under one roof. Blockbuster had already selected a 46 acre site in the McKinney, Texas, about 20 miles north of Dallas. After competing with six other well known developers, Blockbuster selected CMC to be the preferred developer; looking at its selected team, hands on approach and the past experience on the similar projects.

This extra ordinary complex building was built by the CMC team in record time and under a tight budget. Within eight months from ground breaking, the Blockbuster facility was in full operation. This facility is not only used as the main warehouse for Blockbuster, but it also houses the automated sorting and distribution center, a two storied 150,000 sf office and a 40,000 sf computer center for the Blockbuster Corporation.